About the Company

IPXcore was founded in 2003 as the web design company Digital Design Core. Throughout the years, we became dissatisfied with poor quality from the companies that provided services vital for the success of our business. Over-populated and over-sold servers coupled with poor connectivity and non-existent support caused countless headaches for staff members and clients.

In 2011, Digital Design Core was restructured as IPXcore as a solution to these problems. At IPXcore, we offer low density internet services on high quality American networks backed by great support. Unlike other companies, we own our hardware, and have it connected to the Internet through blazing-fast, top-quality peers.

Mission Statement

IPXcore’s goal is to provide fast and reliable service to our customers coupled with the best support in the industry. We can offer faster speeds because our network isn’t bogged down from overselling.

IPXcore is a one-stop solution for all Internet connectivity, where we customize the level of service needed for each client’s needs. Most importantly, we provide top quality customer service that only a small business can provide, with an unrivaled customer-to-support-staff ratio.

Our customers are our shareholders, and they are the ones we strive to make happy.