ipxcore Colocation: A Secure Home for Your Hardware

ipxcore's state-of-the-art datacenters provide a secure and optimized environment for your critical hardware. Our facilities are designed with meticulous attention to physical security, power redundancy, and advanced climate control systems. By colocating with ipxcore, you safeguard your valuable investment from unexpected disruptions and environmental risks.

Choose ipxcore colocation and retain complete control over your servers. Unlike cloud solutions where you relinquish hardware ownership, you maintain full access to configure, manage and upgrade your systems according to your exact specifications. This granular level of control is essential for businesses with specialized hardware requirements or strict compliance needs.

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Benefits of ipxcore Colocation

Enhanced Security

Physical security measures, redundant power, and climate control protect your valuable hardware.

Unmatched Connectivity

Access high-speed networks and multiple carriers for optimal performance and flexibility.

Complete Control

You retain full ownership and control over your hardware and network configurations.

Choose Your Colocation Facility

We offer strategic locations across North America, empowering you to optimize performance, enhance redundancy, and potentially address compliance requirements. Choose the datacenter location that best aligns with your target audience and business needs to provide a seamless user experience and safeguard your critical data.




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Secure the Perfect Home for Your Servers

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